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Oman in 8 days
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Oman in 8 days

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*Free Wi-Fi
*With lunch.
*Transportation to and from the airport
hotel with breakfast. 4 stars
7 Days 8 Nights

Oman in 8 Days. Private Tour
Explore the best of Oman's culture, nature, and history on this ultimate private l 8-day tour.

1 Day: We will explore the top attractions of old/new Muscat, visit its incredible ancient ruins such as Mirani Fort, Jalali Fort, and the magnificent landscape from Cornish Harbour to the Shangrila Mountain. To get an insight into the culture of Muscat, we will go to the traditional market Suq Matrah and visit National Museum Bait Al-Zubair. From the modern must-see sights, we will take you to the Alam Palace, Royal Opera House, and the Sultan Qaboos Grand, which is built from 300,000 tonnes of Indian sandstone.

2 Day: Away from the busy life of Muscat we will take you to Sur City which is the best destination for nature lovers. the city is full of charming Oasis and Sinkhole, which we will discover in Wadi Shab, Wadi Tiwi, and Wadi Dayqah, Overnight in the desert.

3 Day: We will experiance the Bedouin lifestyle at Wahiba Sands Desert, ride camles, watch Sun sests behind the and Dunes. Besides we will visit Traditional Wooden Ship Factory and take a rest at Wadi Bani Khalid Oasis. In this day we will stay overnight (Included) and at 7:00 am we will watch the sunrise have breakfast, and drive to Nizwa.

4 Day: This day is for living the Omanis culture at Nizwa. we will visit the historical landmarks incluind Nizwa Souq Market, Birkata lmouz Ruins and Nizwa Castle then we will take you to enjoy the fresh air at Jabal al-Akhdar Mountain. We will stay and stay overnight (Included).

5 Day: We will continue our delightful ntoure in Nizwa and connect with its splendid nature at Misfat Al Abreen Village , discoevr the Al Hoota Cave and drive all the way up to Jabal al shams Mountain then we go back to Muscat

6 Day: Departing from Muscat to The palm city Nakhl, here will learn about Omani's history at Bait Al Khasham Museum, visit the famous Nakhal castle and and stop at the extraordinary spring in Ain Kasfa then back to Muscat.

7 Day: The sea is our distination where you could go to the charming Daymaniyat Island or Dolphins-watching.
Relaxing day to Daymaniyat Island, dolphin watching. turtles and snorkeling

Highlights: Muscat City, Sur City, Wahiba Sands Desert, Nizwa City, Nakhl City, Gulf of Oman. Departure: Daily. Includes: Local guide, lunch, breakfast, drinks, Wi-Fi, transfer, pick-up and drop-off, accomidation in Muscat,Tyre city, camp in the desert, Nizwa city.

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