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Stone Town Zanzibár
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Stone Town Zanzibár

Description Itinerary Location
1. City Tour (Walking tour 3 hours)
Stone town tour is Zanzibar is a remakable private guided walking tour, it takes 3 hours walking tour whereby tourists will get the occasion to find the historical destinations and who are Zinzibar island individuals along with their everyday activities. The tour can either starts at the Place of Wonder or close to Darajani City Market. Other interesting and educating things to know during the tour include all the historical zones and landmarks.
Ultimately, this Stone Town Tour is one of the most sweltering day tours in Zanzibar island; it is the main channel to find the set of experiences and bedraggled structures, cosmopolitan individuals, and shopping.

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Diving Zanzibar pristine in his underwater world
If you want to dive in undiscovered places, then you are in the right place! Come and dive with us at Kizimkazi in the beautiful, unspoiled Menai Bay nature reserve in southern Zanzibar. Diving in Kizimkazi Our dive sites are located in Menai Bay, near Kizimkazi settlement in the south-western part of the island. This area is one of the less explored places by tourists and divers, so it is actually untouched. By world standards, the Menai Bay is not an average diving spot! A nature reserve located on the south-western tip of the island of Unguja in the Zanzibar archipelago. In this vast area, there is an abundance of volcanic islands, sand and coral reefs. These islands are surrounded by relatively shallow waters that are home to corals, tropical fish and a variety of other marine life. Once a year, during a 3-month period from August to October, fin whales pass through the protected area of the bay. Two types of dolphins and huge clams can be found in large numbers in the Menai Bay. Among our diverse dive sites, we can show you something suitable for divers of all skill levels. Our dive sites are 10-35 meters deep, and the water temperature is between 25-30 °C all year round. The underwater life in this area is very rich, with many different corals and many types of tropical fish. Some examples are puffer fish, box fish, emperor fish, snails, doctor fish, trumpet fish and moray eels, eels, seahorses, scorpion fish, leaf fish, octopus, blue spotted stingray, barracuda, tuna, reef shark, turtle, dolphin.
Kayak Zanzibár
Kayakt he pristine coastline off Menai Bay ( Duration 3hours tour )What is including National park frees kayak Equipment professional guide kayak snacks and water live tour giude upon register English. If you want to meet the animal that is literally worth millions, come with us! Age/skill level- beginner to Advance must be 6-years route 4= 8 km paddling Please that, Tours are scheduled upon high tide stream You will need to check with us, so that we give best arrangement according tides. Departure time departure schedule every day according tide.
Safari Blue Zanzibár
Safari Blue Adventures (full day) Safari Blue is definitely the most popular full-day excursion ont he Island. Sailing from Fumba ont he south west coast of the island in a dhow ( a local boat ), to a coral reef where you can snorkel in stunning turquoise water whilst spotting colorful fish, sunbathe on a sandbank, enjoy a seafood barbecue lunch on an inhabited island in the middle of the Menai Bay and swim in a natural lagoon. A fun-filled day ont he sea, Supper lunch served at island while drinks available all time. Sailing mostly on return if the wind allow. This is the best trip ever will stay in your memory you cant avoid it when visiting Zanzibar. Welcome
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